DIY Ham Radio Cable: RG-8 PL-239 cable

Posted by K0BET on  Oct 22, 2009  •  Comments ( )  • 

HOW TO Solder / make ham radio cable : PL-239 RG-8 cable
ham cable rg-8

Parts List: Hardware

 2-   PL-239 connectors (Ham Shop or last resort Radio Shack)
1  -  Solder gun (soldering iron could work but needs to be very hot to solder cable ends.
(if your a licensed ham you should own a soldering gun)
1 - packet lead free solder
1 -  RG-8 cable any length
1- Razor blade , sharp knife , scissors

I used a table top vice to hold the cable but you can use pliers to hold cable when soldering.

weller solder gun

solder gun 145 wattrg 8 cablestrip rg-8 cable

put on end cap of cable
strip cable 2
Once wire is exposed with the white showing fit pl-239 over the cable

leave about inch for cable
Solder pl-239 around the center of cable when the holes are and also the top where the wire comes out
cut off any excess wire coming out of PL-239

push on pl-239 end

solder end of pl-239DONE

Once you have both connects on its time to go to the ham shack and play radio with your newly made cable
TIP: Notice how the screw washers are both facing toward each other.  It is needed to tighten the washer to the feed line.