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Yaesu - FT-450AT HF Rig Posted by K0BET on oct 15, 2009  • 

Yaesu FT- 450AT currently running as my HF rig. I picked up this beauty at a local ham fest for a bargain price. My friend scouted it early in the morning and luckily had the seller held it for me, as I was only 5 min away. I went running through the Ham Fest to find the guys table selling the used FT-450AT.  What a deal that was... an ft-450at  in mint condition , with original  box,  manual and microphone still in plastic. 

Yaesu - Ft-2900R Posted by K0BET on oct 15, 2009  • 

Ft- 2900R - currently working as my 2 meter base station unit with a home brew j-pole antenna. Review: ft-2900R: Only good things to report  about my Yaesu ft-2900r. She runs like track star. My only little issue is figuring out all the buttons, menus and extras. It took me 20 min the first day just to figure out how to input a tone  frequency.


       Sencore Model UPS 164 Variable Power Supply & Charger

I use this from  my electronics projects as the base power can be set to different voltages, current ranges and out put selections.  15 and 30 volts with a load current up to 20 amps.
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  Alinco DJ-180

  I purchased a Alinco DJ-180 off craigslist for $40 dollars cash. I did my home work online searching for a ok priced handheld. I wanted an inexpensive radio for when I was out and about that worked well and would not make me cry if I dropped it. I wasn't looking for a TEOTWAWKI survival radio,  just a toy to keep me busy. I had been to some ham fests and looked online for used ones but even a 15 year old junk radio was going for 70 bucks.  After several days of looking craigslist came to the rescue with a decent condition alnico DJ-180. The radio came with a radio shack cord microphone with with clip, car adapter and battery charge station.


       Realistic pro 58 scanner

pro58My ancient Radio Shack pro 58 scanner still working like a champ 20 years later.  She may be old, road hard and put away wet....but still moves like she did in her younger prime. 
pro 58 manual