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Hello From Kansas -USA EM28 - ZONE 4 - - k0bet

I passed the General License and soon obtained the vanity call sign of K0BET. I am most active on 20/40/meters & 10 when the band is open. The radio I decided to go with for HF was a Yaesu FT-450. I like the ability to take my radio to remote spots for DX'ing. The radios needed antennas, and K0BET antenna building projects become another hobby. Using my home built antennas I have been able to DX on SSB phone to Russia, EU, Alaska, and all of South America. I am a firm believer in do it yourself projects, as the benefits and rewards are exponential. When on the radio, I'm a big fan of Ham Radio Deluxe for logging & adding DX stations to the clusters.

Outside of amateur radio, I work in the Information Technology field, rarely wear tennis shoes, love meat and potatoes, along with a good rag chew. I have a little family: my wife, daughter, two maincoon cats and a 150 lbs Newfoundland dog.
When not at work or with the XYL I like to hunt, fish, play poker, chess, listen to country music, and be creative. I am a sucker for deals, frequenting auctions, estate sales, and a personal fav Craigslist . I live by the philosophy that you can learn something new from anoyone that crosses your path. I keep a go with the flow attitude, and try my best at everything I undertake.

To be born a gentleman is an accident; to die as one is an achievement.
K0BET 73'3