10 meter DiPole

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  10 Meter Easy Di Pole
 Thanks to WX2MIG 

10 meter di pole

The only suggestion I'd make about that center connector is to run the wires from the SO-239 out the end caps instead of to those eye-bolts. Certainly use the eye-bolts to hold the antenna wires, but they are the pits to make electrical connections to (that's why the wires out the end-caps). Not a biggy by any means, but you'll see before you're through.

Using scapped materials I did manage to produce a working 10m dipole, never got it up high enough to be really effective, but it worked and had a low 1.2:1 SWR over most of the band.

  3 EYE HOOKS with NUT ends
  PVC solvent cement, 
#14 insulated single strand copper wire in any color
  reinforced with #8 X 5/8" stainless screws to keep it from pulling apart.

Wire Lenths for each side: (Formula L=234/F, where L=length in inches and F=frequency)


Mounted the SO-239 to one of the 1 1/2" end caps.....

Attacch SO-239 on

The finished product complete with stainless steel eye bolts for hanging, and to connect the wires.....

 K0bet home built  " 10 meter dipole "  I put this dipole together using 1 baline and two 8.3 feet of bare wire. 

and parts from home depot, minus the one S0-239 antenna connector that I bought at a local ham radio store.  ( RadioShack also has SO-239 connectors).  I had been reading about the best way to put together a J-Pole for use on my FT-2900 2 meter band radio.  


Parts List: Hardware

1 -   SO-239 connector (Ham Shop or last resort Radio Shack)
1  -  10' length of 1/2" copper  
4 -  copper 1/2 inch hose  clamps
1 -   1/2" copper tubing "T" fitting
1 -  1/2" copper tubing elbow  fitting
2 -  1/2" copper end caps
4 -  machine screws with nuts ( take the hose clamp over and make sure the screw will fit the clamp opening
1 -  1 foot romex or other 14 gage copper wire
1 -   50 ohm coax cable with  connector for radio.
Tools: propane torch, pipe cutter, solder, heavy grit sand paper, hammer, drill, Blade (drill to make new hole in flattened copper hose clamp.

Cut the pipe to length using copper pipe cutter.
Using your solder 

Tools and a few pipe solder pics