J-Pole 2 meter antenna project

Posted by K0BET on AUG 25, 2009  •     

 I had been reading about the best way to build  a 2 meter J-Pole for use as a base station antenna for my Yaesu FT-2900 R. After several days of reading I decided to start my  build project. I went to home depot with the  parts list  in hand 
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FD-150A VHF/UFH (South Africa Review)

Posted by K0BET on SEPT 25, 2009  •     

 My South African buddy was working in china teaching English for the Chinese Olympics. He bought a small hand held Radio for his stay in china: China Brand FEIDAXIN FDC FD-160A Transceiver.   This is his  review along with tips and tricks. He didn’t have web space so I put it on my site.

10 Meter Di Pole - Easy way

Posted by K0BET on Sept 1, 2011  • 

Easy build of a 10 Meter Di Pole put together from Homed Depot / hardware store parts

10 meter di pole

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Current DIY Ham radio RG-8 cable project

Posted by K0BET on SEPT 1, 2011  •     

Build your own Ham Radio Cable
The connectors are PL-259's

This Cable was a simple DIY RG-8 with PL-239 Connector ends for a Dipole antennal .

  rg-8 cable
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Unbuntu  Kworld 300u USB

Posted by K0BET on Sept 29, 2010  • 

Ubuntu 10.04 Kworld vs-atsc 300u USB
How to: Configure / install Kworld 300u dvb Linux ubuntu (using 10.04_ others makes may work)

kworld 300 usb stick ubuntu how to
Watch tv kworld 300u in linux - I made this because now one else had a decent FULL how to.
I am running UBUNTU 10.04
Grab a cup of coffee and lets begin: DONT PLUNG IN YOUR USB 300u stick yet!!

System Admin notes / helpful tricks

Posted by K0BET on SEPT 25, 2009  •     

 serverThis is a section of pay it forward for Computer people trying to do simple things that should not be so difficult. This page documents some of the items I have gathered about making life with computers a bit easier.  ( The Sys Admin Section )